Class Costs

One parent and one child

Two parents and one child

One parent, two children

£11 per session

(£132 per 12 week term)

£15 per session

(£180 per 12 week term)

£18.50 per session which includes a sibling discount

(£222 per 12 week term)

Fees are payable termly in advance and are due in full before the classes start.

If joining part way through a term then you will be invoiced for just the remaining number of classes in the term. They would be calculated pro rata based on the per class rate £11 for one parent and one child; £15 for two parents and one child; £18.50 for two siblings.

We do not discount the term costs for classes you will not be able to attend (e.g. holidays, sickness) but do offer make up classes.

Contact Information

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or email directly to

or by mobile phone: 07975 719444