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We teach the Birthlight gentle approach where parent and baby can truly experience the joy of moving in the water together.

This unique method has proved so successful that Amanda, the director of the swim school, has been involved in training new teachers internationally and the founder of Birthlight, Francoise Freedman received the Virginia Hunt award at the World Aquatics Congress.

Our class teachers are all trained birthlight baby swimming teachers, they work with the individual needs of every child.

Amanda Gawthrope (Teacher and Director)

My love for swimming started at a very young age inspired by my mother a competitive swimmer herself. I followed in her footsteps as a completive swimmer to National level. My own love for teaching came later on in my twenties. Meeting Françoise Freedman the founder of the Birthlight changed my life and the way I taught dramatically. I learnt to focus on the loving bond between parent and child in the water facilitating and strengthening it in the water as they moved through various stages in their development to reach the final stage of independent swimming, striving to make their journey one of joy, trust and loving engagement throughout. This I have passed on to all the teachers that work with us. I have the best job in the world. Every day brings me happiness as I watch the parents learning to swim with their babies and making them feel at home in the water together.

International conference speaker at WABC. (World Aquatic Baby Congress).
Amanda AKA water panda


  • Birthlight tutor in Infant Aquatics and Aqua Natal yoga (Pre and post natal)
  • STA Tutor
  • ASA ad STA swimming teacher (full)
  • Teacher rescue qualification
  • Watsu level one (still in training)
  • Haliwick method and birthlight specials needs swim instructor. Co founder of the CDKSC (Cambridge disabled kids swimming club)
  • Therapist in water and Consultant

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Baby swimming can be a wonderful shared experience for all the family. From the first splashes in the bath to confidently diving under, babies delight in the freedom and fun that water provides. Warm water promotes relaxation and little babies enjoy floating peacefully on their backs often gazing up into their parent’s eyes. The more playful older babies and toddlers are jumping and splashing and joining in with many songs and activities. Babies develop water confidence and specific skills to move towards independent swimming, through our carefully developed Swim Programme.

The continuity of nurture and support provided by our classes has helped many families through the joys and challenges of these early years. Spirals of joy are created and expressions of love and caring will touch an ever-widening circle of family and friends.

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